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Where have the non-franchise blockbusters gone? To Netflix and Amazon, of course

TechRadar 04 Dec 2021
Sure, there are some absolutely terrible superhero films out there, but plenty of Marvel and DC movies have also received widespread acclaim – Black Panther even picked up a nomination for Best Picture at the Oscars ... Best Netflix moviesThese are the best HBO Max movies to watch right nowHow to watch the Marvel movies in order An endangered species.

The 12 most iconic toys in film history

Omaha World-Herald 04 Dec 2021
You saw the movie ... So what are the best, most iconic, most coveted toys from movies? We have a list for that ... Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad fighting for one last amped-up action figure didn’t make for a particularly great movie — “Jingle All the Way” has a 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes — but it sure was memorable ... Action figures.

Fights in Tight Spaces Video Review

IGN Insider 04 Dec 2021
... full of goons that all the best action movies like Kingsman.

Best Fantasy Movies of All Time

Rotten Tomatoes 02 Dec 2021
Best Fantasy Movies of All Time ... our database) reveals to all the best-reviewed live-action fantasy movies of all time, sorted by our ranking formula with at least 20 reviews each! ... It's not easy to take the longest Harry Potter book and streamline it into the shortest HP movie, ...

Making of ‘Dune’: How Denis Villeneuve’s Sci-Fi Epic Is the Culmination of a Childhood Dream

The Hollywood Reporter 30 Nov 2021
... Hollywood action movie — as Paul and Jessica are expelled into the desert and forced to fight side by side ... “OK, one of my favorite movies of all time is Kurosawa’s The Seven Samurai, and there’s a scene that for me is the best action scene of all time.

Why Flash Gordon seems a more exciting project for Taika Waititi than Star Wars

TechRadar 27 Nov 2021
Waititi’s as-yet untitled trip to a galaxy far, far away is one of numerous new Star Wars movies in development at Lucasfilm and Disney, and he’s working on a script with Oscar-nominated screenwriter Krysty Wilson-Cairns (1917, Last Night in Soho) ... Ragnarok isn’t the best movie to come out of the MCU, it’s undeniably the funniest.

The Hulu Black Friday deal gives you a year of service for less than $1.00 ...

The Daily Dot 25 Nov 2021
Hulu is already one of the best deals in streaming today ... Let us help make up your mind with the best movies and shows on Hulu to get you started. Whether you love anime, action movies, drama, sci-fi, romance, or a combination of them all, Hulu has it. It's arguable the best streaming service right now for price and content.

Shang-Chi: Marvelous Marvel hero, Lord of the 10 Rings

Independent Record 25 Nov 2021
“Shang-Chi,” while very much a card-carrying member of the Marvel universe, emulates and celebrates traditional martial arts movies ... Action is (often) secondary to story and character – a remarkable feat inside the frenetic Marvel genre ... “As movie entertainment, it smartly blends the best of the American Superhero and Hong Kong Action genres.

Interview: Composer Andrew Lockington Discusses Mayor of Kingstown

Coming Soon 24 Nov 2021
Andrew Lockington is best known for his bombastic action scores in movies like Rampage and San Andreas ... If you can care about the characters … if you watch someone you care about go through an ordeal in an action movie, it’s a very different experience than watching something like Medieval Times with your kids.

The cast of 8-Bit Christmas on holidays, Nintendo, and oddities of the ’80s

Digital Trends 23 Nov 2021
Whether it’s a Turbo Man action figure, snow in Vermont, or a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle, the best Christmas movies always tend to involve characters chasing after something that seems impossible to get without some kind of miracle ... I had to explain it a bit to my own kids when we were watching the movie.

‘Yellowjackets’ Stars on Misty’s Need to Be Needed & Dynamic With Natalie

The Mercury 22 Nov 2021
“She just really wants to paint herself in the best light that she can with Coach Scott, and if he ever has any type of resistance from that, she’s not afraid to take her power back with him.” ... Live-ActionLoud House,’ Holiday-Themed Episodes & More ... 20 of the best movies set in winter weather.

‘TWD: World Beyond’: So Far, So (Not) Good (RECAP)

The Mercury 22 Nov 2021
[WARNING. The following contains MAJOR spoilers for AMC‘s The Walking Dead. World Beyond Season 2 Episode 8, “Returning Point.”]. The plan is underway! The plan is also going haywire! ... Here’s how it happens…. Steve Swisher/AMC ... Cold! ... Live-ActionLoud House,’ Holiday-Themed Episodes & More. +21. 20 of the best movies set in winter weather ... She does neither.

Finn Wolfhard was given a lot of freedom with his performance in Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Polk County Itemiser-Observer 21 Nov 2021
"One of my favourite things is that I tell a lot of jokes in the movie, and every single take I told a different jokes. "Those were my jokes that I came to set with, so they're Jason's picks - Jason's favourites are in the movie ...Speak Like a Child’ Gets the Live-Action Treatment (RECAP) ... 20 of the best movies set in winter weather.

‘Cowboy Bebop’: A Good, Good Boy Joins the Bebop Crew (RECAP)

The Moore County News-Press 19 Nov 2021
Unlike the live-action show’s missing bubbly, orange-haired super-hacker Edward, Ein the corgi has been part of the marketing and advertising from the get-go for Netflix’s anime adaptation ... The dog is the best thing about “Dog Star Swing,” but it’s all downhill from there ... 100 best movies of all time.

Iconic Roles: Bill Murray’s Four Best Performances

Coming Soon 18 Nov 2021
It wasn’t common to see four geeks leading an action movie in 1984 ... Not only did the charismatic actor prove his doubters wrong, but he also delivered one of his best performances in arguably one of the best Christmas movies ever ... Sofia Coppola directed and penned her second movie, ...